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textPlus for Android - Latest APK Download

TextPlus Text Message + Call app: free texting and calling

textPlus is one of the popular free calling and texting apps nowadays with more than 150 million users downloaded from Google Play store providing you the best way to text, make free calls comfortably unlimited.
TextPlus Text Message + Call app: free texting and calling a

Downloading textPlus to your Android phone allows you to connect calls and text messages to call and chat with friends or text with a phone number without the need for cellular service.

More information about textPlus Text Message + Call

App name: textPlus Text Message + Call
Powered by:textPlus
Latest version: 7.8.6 for Android
Update time:May 31, 2022
APK file size:58.9MB
Android required: 6.0 or higher
Download and use: Free
Topic:chat software
Installs: 50.000.000+ on Google Play
Available on:Cửa hàng CH Play, App Store
TextPlus Text Message + Call app: free texting and calling a1
With textPlus you can send and receive simple, free, unlimited SMS or MMS messages to any phone number you want in the US and call almost any phone number in any country around the world. . That means you can connect and interact with your friends, loved ones or family even if they don't have this app installed on their phone.

Main reasons to use textPlus

Is a free messaging and calling application, good quality appreciated by many users
Can get a toll-free local phone number selected by the user
Messaging free with unlimited free SMS, text, MMS group messaging for all US users
Call options to make local or international calls with ad-supported low-cost chips or completely free.
Calls and apps are always free
textPlus is one of the applications that connect chat by messages, simple calls, cheap prices, giving you a really satisfying experience.
TextPlus Text Message + Call app: free texting and calling a2

Outstanding advantages of textPlus

Turn your tablet into a mobile phone for free texting and calling with real US numbers.
Stay in touch with family and friends in the US, Canada when you travel or work in this country
More options like direct messaging, group messaging, sending MMS, unlimited free SMS
Connect calls from anywhere in the world
Call and receive free unlimited calls, feel free to stay in touch, connect with friends every day
View chat and call history on any device you have with free online cloud storage
Save money on your phone calls or mobile plans
Supports sending free animations, emojis and images when texting
TextPlus Text Message + Call app: free texting and calling a3

Is the textPlus app really free?

You can use textPlus for free to send text messages, inbound and free apps for app calls, you can also earn extra free credits for other calls.
How free textPlus is for you?
Free will come with ads, you will have some ads when using textPlus. However, if you do not want to have annoying ads, you can sign up, buy a paid plan to not appear ads. You can also watch videos to earn extra free-to-use credits in exchange for those credits to remove ads without having to pay for a plan subscription.
TextPlus Text Message + Call app: free texting and calling b
textPlus is for:
- All those who need a free 2nd phone number for business support or daily private chat
- For other travelers to or in the United States
- Frequent use of text messages in large numbers
- Those who want to save the cost of calling and texting normally
- textPlus offers you international outgoing calling packages at a lower cost than normal calling costs in every country in the world. Or you also have the option to earn free calling credits by watching videos or completing offers to receive credits.

Main features of textPlus

- Support chatting by text messages, pictures, MMS: send receive and save images
- Supports customizable message tones, ringtones and vibration modes
- Themes can be customized
- Quickly and easily reply to messages from friends
- Make real SMS calls and texts to any phone number that accepts SMS and any number to call
- Get free voicemail for every missed call
- Use Wifi or data plan connection to work
TextPlus Text Message + Call app: free texting and calling b1

Download textPlus: Text Message + Call APK for Android for free

Google Play Link:
Link APKPure:

Quick Setup Guide

1. Choose one of the 2 links above to download the textPlus application for your Android tablet or phone, but you should install it from Google Play to be faster and simpler.
2. Go to Google Play store and find the app name with textPlus
3. View detailed application information and click Install
4. Wait for the installation to complete, click Open and start discovering, experiencing, and trying out great free features from textPlus.

Above is a summary and sharing from Google Play by CHPlays.Com about the textPlus application: Text Message + Call is a good app for those who like to text messages and make calls to the US or Canada countries every day. savings or free days. Good luck!

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